‘Tokhü Emong Bird Count’ to celebrate bird diversity

Dimapur, November 3 (EMN): The first edition of ‘Tokhü Emong Bird Count’ (TEBC) will be held from November 4 to 7 where birdwatchers will go out and watch birds from anywhere in Nagaland.

An update informed that the TEBC aims to celebrate the incredible diversity of birds and bring attention to endangered habitats in Nagaland.

This event is a joint collaboration of Bird Count India, Wokha Forestry Division and Divisional Management Unit, Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP), Wokha.

The organizations collectively decided to hold the event during the Lotha Nagas’ Tokhü Emong post-harvest festival to raise awareness of the bird diversity of Nagaland.

“It is a very good initiative to identify the different species that are found in the state with the participation of local communities in the effort. Nagaland is a state with a rich diversity of birds and it is important to document and monitor their populations in order to protect and conserve them,” said Suman WM Sivachar, Head of DFO-cum-DMU Wokha, Department of Nagaland forests.

Rangeland Forest Officer Lansothung Lotha said that Nagaland is a state with various festivals as well as a state with diverse birdlife and TEBC is the first of the initiatives where the community is encouraged to celebrate the festival with birds .

“We expect more such festivals in the future where people connect with nature and also help document the rich birdlife in a landscape yet to be explored and documented,” Lotha said.

Pia Sethi, senior researcher at the Center for Ecology, Development and Research, said the TEBC is a great initiative to document Nagaland’s bird diversity and involve young people and local communities in identifying and monitoring birds. birds.

Such initiatives are particularly important for northeast India whose rich bird diversity is threatened by habitat loss and hunting, Sethi said.

“I hope this is the start of a movement for bird conservation in the state that will also provide clear trends of changes in bird populations over time,” added Sethi, who works on community conservation in Nagaland.

The basic activity is to observe and count the birds every day or every day from November 4 to 7 from anywhere in Nagaland for at least 15 minutes and upload the bird lists to the eBird bird registration platform (www.ebird.org/india) .

It should be noted that the dates of the Tokhü Emong bird count fall under the Sálim Ali bird count of the BNHS – a national event.

In addition to documenting the birds, there will be bird walks, online/in-person bird talks for the interested public, other birdwatchers, school/college students, he said. .

“The Amur Falcons have put Nagaland on the world birding map. However, communities here can do more than just Amur falcon conservation. This event is organized for all of us to be proud of the birdlife and nature we have,” said Chenibemo Odyuo, Nagaland Team, Foundation for Ecological Society.

Although the event takes place mainly in Nagaland, all Nagas living in India and around the world will also join in the festivities by watching the birds wherever they are, he said.

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