TNSEC against campaigns on govt. campus, in public places

Ahead of elections to rural local bodies in nine districts, due on October 6-9, the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission (TNSEC) on Monday issued warnings against posting clippings, clusters, placards, graffiti, posters and flags used in election campaigns on government campuses and in buildings.

The Commission also banned graffiti and the display of posters in “places open to public view”, even though these were on private property and the owner’s consent had been obtained.

In accordance with the Tamil Nadu Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act 1959, “places open to public view” included any private place or building visible to a person in or walking past a public place, TNSEC said.

“Under no circumstances may graffiti or posters be affixed or produced on the grounds that the consent of the owner of the premises has been obtained”, warned the Commission in a press release.

He also warned against using loudspeakers for election campaigns without police permission. Prior written permissions must be obtained from the police for the use of loudspeakers, both for public meetings and rallies, TNSEC said.

From the day of the election announcement until polling day, loudspeakers for campaigns, attached to any vehicle, should only be used between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., he said. During these hours, they must be used “without disturbing public order”.

If loudspeakers are used beyond authorized hours or without any prior written permission from authorities, all equipment used for the campaign will be confiscated, he said.

“In addition, action will be taken by the police for violating the model code of conduct,” warned the electoral body.

Up to 79,433 candidates are vying for the local rural government polls.

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