The Swiss Socialist Party wants to become a full member of the EU

After Switzerland ended negotiations with the EU on a new framework agreement, a parliamentary group of Socialist Party members is pushing for Switzerland to become a member of the EU, according to Le Matin newspaper.

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The parliamentary group, which has the support of the party leadership, argues that full membership of the bloc is the best solution in terms of democracy and sovereignty.

A parliamentary motion presented by Fabian Molina aims to force the Federal Council to start negotiations for Switzerland’s accession to the EU. Roger Nordmann, leader of the Socialist Party at federal level, said that we must now drop the taboo on membership.

Although the motion may be difficult to pass, it is not impossible. In addition to many Socialist Party members, the idea also has support from members of the Green and Liberal Green parties after they recently failed to reach agreement on a new deal between Switzerland and the EU.

A key argument presented in favor of full membership is the impact that no agreement could have on trade between Switzerland and the bloc. The current relationship is governed by a patchwork of old agreements that are not easy to update or replace when they expire. In May 2021, an agreement on trade in medical devices expired. This means that products, such as respirators and syringes, which are certified in Switzerland can no longer be sold in the EU. Slovenian customs recently blocked exports of Swiss medical devices.

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