The Swiss Socialist Party presents a project for Switzerland’s accession to the EU

The leaders of the Swiss Socialist Party presented a new plan which shows new paths for Switzerland’s accession to the European Union.

Leaders of such a party presented a 32-page document that revealed the pros and cons of being part of the bloc, reports

Among the advantages, let us quote participation in decisions in Brussels, as well as the climate and more advanced EU policies, as well as more stable cooperation in specific fields such as research and education cooperation.

At the same time, the group also presented the negative side, stressing the need for reforms of the Swiss system of direct democracy, as well as the need to double the VAT and the pressure that the country’s public services sector would face. because it was exposed to EU competition.

The party, through its report, affirms that Europe is heading towards a more socialist, ecological and democratic future, conditions which are in the interest of the party.

However, public opinion disagrees with such a perspective. Based on a poll published in 2020, only 7% of respondents were in favor of Switzerland joining the EU.

Still, such figures do not discourage the party which considers the current situation as the beginning of a long journey. In this regard, the co-leader of the party, Cédric Wermuth, underlined that despite the fact that there are no guarantees, the party believes that it is time to reopen a path to Europe.

According to the party, the plan consists of three main phases. The first is focused on settling the country’s participation in Horizon Europe as well as Erasmus by the end of 2023. The second is to reach an economic agreement by 2028 and, after that, to open negotiations to join the bloc.

Based on a report published by Le News, some optimistic members are hopeful that Switzerland will be part of the EU by the end of the decade, while others say such a process may not be complete. soon, adding that it could happen within 20 years. .

In 1992 the country voted against joining the European Economic Area, while in 2021 it broke off talks to restructure the county’s deal with Brussels.

Switzerland has always supported economic cooperation with the EU, but when it comes to membership, the country is not voting yes in order to join the bloc.

In this regard, a professor of European politics at the University of Bern, Fabio Wasserfallen, said that “Switzerland is too rich and too stable to want to join the EU,” Adding that motive is more important than a love of freedom.

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