The bank went to the phone – apps for comparison

Few are nowadays everyday things that could not be handled conveniently with their own smartphone. Of course, this also applies to daily banking, and every major Finnish bank has its own mobile application. The basic features of different bank applications are quite similar and in practice they can do exactly the same things as in ordinary online banking. Jessie also has its own free mobile app, which allows Good Finance customers to withdraw and manage their credit. What are the differences between the mobile applications of different banks?

We looked at the applications of the most common banks and compared their features. Find out what kind of mobile application is available at your bank.

Honest Bank


The Honest app is available for download on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and iPad. In the mobile application, Honest customer has much the same features as a regular online bank. The application is used with a password that has been created for it separately or with the Bank’s Access Codes application. You can also use Jessie free mobile app with the same personal PIN that you use to sign in to your client account. To set up the Honest app, you will need your online bank IDs and always a personal password to use it. Only the currency converter of the application can be used without logging in.

Check account information

Check account information

The application allows you to check account information and card transactions without the use of online banking codes. However, IDs are required to pay your bills by phone. Paying for paper bills is also possible when the barcodes on the bills are scanned by a smartphone camera. With Jessie mobile app, you can check your Good Finance balance and withdrawals at any time without your online banking credentials.

In addition, Honest mobile app allows you to make transfers from your own card loans, view information on potential loans, and monitor the development of book-entry accounts, or equity investments. With the Katharain mobile app, you can make a loan from Good Finance up to € 2,000 anytime, and the loan will be paid into the customer’s account in minutes, anytime of the day. The app will display all the same credit information as the actual customer account.

Good Lender Bank Mobile Bank

Good Lender Bank Mobile Bank

The Good Lender Bank mobile app has the advantage of a wide range of features for retail investors. The app allows you to view your own portfolio investments as well as track the performance of different market indices. You can also make direct stock trading or fund trading with Good Lender’s own funds through the app. For the retail investor, Good Lender Bank’s Mobile Bank is certainly a handy general application, either on its own or in support of similar applications.

Unlike Honest counterpart, the Good Lender Bank mobile app allows you to transfer funds to accounts other than your own. Of course, making bank transfers by phone requires the use of online banking codes. However, it is not possible to scan paper invoices with the Good Lender Bank application. For many people, the most popular feature in the app is Map Search, which lets you find the nearest ATM or Good Lender Bank branch anywhere. With automatic search and stock market tracking, the application can be useful even if you are not a Good Lender Bank customer, as these features are available without an online banking ID.

The interface of the application is clear. All the functions you need are conveniently displayed in the circle menu and do not need to be searched separately in the application. Daily money and investment issues have their own separate menus.

Unlike other mobile banking applications presented, using the Good Lender Bank application always requires the use of online banking codes.

The application available for Windows phones differs slightly in appearance and features from the iPhone and Android versions.