Structural diversity and biological activity

Structural diversity and biological activities of cages Garcinia xanthones: recent updates

Announcing a new publication of review articles for Acta Materia Medica newspaper. Caged xanthones are a class of naturally occurring compounds with approximately 200 members that are commonly isolated from the Garcinia genus of the family Clusiaceae (formerly Guttiferae). They are often characterized by a notable 4-oxatricyclo[,7]dec-2-one (caged) architecture with a common xanthone backbone. Because most caged xanthones have potent anticancer properties, they have become a target of interest in natural product chemistry. The unique chemical architectures and increasingly recognized biological significance of these compounds have stimulated numerous studies and intense interest in their isolation, biological evaluation, and mechanistic studies.

The authors of this article summarize recent advances and developments in the chemistry and biological activity of caged animals. Garcinia xanthones and several compounds of non-Garcinia origin, from the years 2008 to 2021, offering an in-depth discussion of their structural diversity and medicinal potential. A preliminary discussion of structure-activity relationships is also provided.

Article reference: Yee Lin Phang, Changwu Zheng and Hongxi Xu. Structural diversity and biological activities of caged Garcinia xanthones: recent updates. Acta Materia Medica. Flight. 1(1):72-95. DOI: 10.15212/AMM-2022-0001

Key words: caged xanthone, gambogenic acid, isomorelline, neobractatin, anticancer, structure-activity relationship

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