Strike wave sweeps across the United States

John Deere workers went on strike in October and November for higher wages, better benefits and a secure retirement.

300 work stoppages By the way, 2021 has been a banner year for union action in the United States. From healthcare workers to production line workers and graduate students, people have stepped back and won. Hundreds of thousands of workers hit the bricks in a “strike-tober” alone, including 10,000 at John Deere.

Those on the front lines are tired of barely making ends meet while their billionaire bosses rake in obscene profits. Overall, workers are clamoring for their share of the pie. With 10 million jobs open, they have the upper hand and demand safe working conditions, good pensions, comprehensive health care and higher wages.

This tsunami of militant workers is a taste of the power available to our class, the working class. We are strong enough to bring the operating system of profit to its knees. Every day more and more job boards are getting organized, people are joining unions and public opinion towards these unions is increasing. Each victory inspires other workers to organize.

The working class is waking up to its own strength as the most powerful force for a fundamental change that exists on this planet!

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