Stratford: Socialist ideas grow as cost of living crisis deepens

The Socialist Party campaigns to tackle the cost of living crisis in Stratford, east London – photo Socialist Party

Adam Powell Davies

East London Socialist Party members were out again on May 21 in Stratford, campaigning for a socialist response to the cost of living crisis.

A retiree told us of her shock when she received her energy bill. She explained that her pension pays the bills, while her husband’s pension pays the rent. Only a little is left for things like food and transportation. We say that the nationalization of energy companies is necessary to effectively combat growing energy poverty.

Our call for a minimum wage of £15 an hour has been popular, providing a concrete measure that could significantly improve the lives of workers now, as prices continue to soar. As the cost of living crisis deepens, our socialist ideas gain ground.

Five other people expressed interest in attending meetings or joining the Socialist Party. A student from school asked if we had any meetings before we had a chance to talk about it ourselves.

Our success this week in reaching new people interested in our demands and our party points to a growing trend that says things can’t go on like this.

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