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Mr. Cole-Hamilton took the reins of his party on Friday, succeeding Willie Rennie, less than an hour after the unveiling of a deal between the SNP and the Scottish Greens. The deal will see the Greens backing the majority of government legislation, while ensuring that two MSPs take the ministerial post – although both sides say the deal is not a formal coalition. Mr Cole-Hamilton’s party is the most recent example of the dangers of coalition work, after the Lib Dems were decimated at the polls in the recent general election following their partnership with the Tories in Westminster in 2010 .

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland on Saturday, the new Lib Dem frontman said of the SNP-Green pact: “It just formalizes a relationship that has been in Scotland for years.

“I think this sounds like a pretty thin mush for the Green Party, they will soon realize that they will have to carry the box for all the SNP’s shortcomings in public policy.

“Whether it is the dilapidated state of our police force, the wait times – that people are keeping letters that say they will be seen in 12 weeks when there is no way they will be. seen in 50.

“This is all part of the Greens deal, they’re going to have to carry the box for it all and, you know, good luck to them.”

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The new leader also tried to distance himself from the 2010 coalition, saying: “I wouldn’t really be able to advise the Greens on the coalition, because I was never part of it, I was not in elected politics when this happened. .

“I am the first post-coalition Liberal Democrat to seek and win party leadership in Scotland.

“I understand the damage the coalition has done to my party, we had to work hard to regain confidence and confidence and there were decisions that were made at that point that I would have postponed.

“This is a new generation of Lib Dem talent coming to the fore, not just with me, but with a series of bubbly new candidates who are teeming with talent and new hope emerging.”

“If this is the decision that lies ahead, then everyone is a loser.”

The deal between the Scottish Greens and the SNP is a “historic moment” in Scottish politics, said Nicola Sturgeon.

Announcing the deal, which has been negotiated since May, the prime minister said it was a chance to “do better politics and governance”.

The deal also formalizes the pro-independence majority in Holyrood, after the SNP lost just one overall majority seat in the May election, as well as consolidating a timeline for another vote.

The deal says the two sides aim to hold another referendum in the first half of the parliamentary session, that is, before the end of 2024, if the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Now members of the Scottish Greens and the SNP’s national executive committee will have to lend their support to the deal.

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