Scottish Greens: The only opinions respected by these intolerant politicians are their own – Brian Wilson

Scottish Greens co-leaders Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie should be more respectful of the opinions of others (Picture: John Devlin)

I try to stick to topics that I have direct knowledge of and so I’ve been very willing to leave gender identification to others. If asked, I would say that allowing self-identification to become a passport in women’s safe spaces has many risks.

This may be wrong but is not the product of any ‘phobia’. If there are counter-arguments inside or outside Holyrood, I will listen with interest and respect. However, it is all too obvious that neither Mrs. Slater nor Mr. Harvie have any respect for opinions other than their own – a very green characteristic.

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For Ms. Slater to first identify dissent from her views as a “phobia” and then equate it with racism and anti-Semitism represents the delusions of a fanatic. Then the otherwise unemployable Mr Harvie weighed in with a nurturing hand bite, denouncing the SNP’s tolerance of ‘transphobia’ within its ranks.

It is worth remembering that Ms Slater is only in her absurdly high position because Andy Wightman quit the Greens over this same issue and moved their Lothian list up to eligibility. Never have Scottish voters done a worse deal.

Ms Sturgeon recently lamented the “polarised and toxic” political climate. For once, she could practice what she preaches by getting rid of these two clowns from her administration.

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