Sánchez reshuffles Socialist Party ahead of elections – EURACTIV.com

After a politically significant defeat in Andalusia, Spanish Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, announced an overhaul of his party on Thursday, ahead of next year’s general elections.

The move comes just a month after the conservative People’s Party (PP) won a historic majority in Andalusia’s regional elections, a poll widely seen as a litmus test ahead of next year’s general election, the media partner reported. EURACTIV, EFE.

Left-wing parties saw their share of the vote drop in the region, a stronghold of the Socialist Party (PSOE) for nearly 40 years after the country returned to democracy in the late 1970s.

In June-July 2023, municipal elections will take place, considered the first test for the government coalition of the PSOE and the left Unidas Podemos (United we can).

Polls predict a victory for the PP, Spain’s public television RTVE had reported.

As part of Sanchez’s reshuffle, finance minister María Jesús Montero will be the PSOE’s “number two”, former Basque regional prime minister Patxi López was elected as the new PSOE spokesperson in parliament, and Pilar Alegría, minister of Education, was appointed new spokesperson for the “Ejecutiva Federal”. , one of the highest decision-making bodies of the PSOE.

Ministers Montero and Alegría will combine their new party duties with their government duties, for the time being, PSOE sources said.

Sánchez will call an extraordinary party meeting on Saturday, where he will officially communicate more details, party sources told EFE.

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