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Every day we receive thousands of users looking for online payday loans direct lenders. Many end up coming through advertisements or internet searches, but you do how can I get a loan with us?

To begin with, we must explain that the process is completely online. From the loan application for an online payday loan direct lender to the submission of documentation and signing of the contract, everything is done through the website. 

The loan at MoneyCo is made by the site. You go to the homepage, click on “I want to request a proposal now!” And fill out a short form. In less than three minutes, the user has a response that says whether or not it was pre-approved.

If so, it will go to the submission phase of the documentation that proves the informed data. If all is well, you can contact the credit and then sign the contract and enter your account number to receive the amount.


What kind of loan is this?

MoneyCo works with unsecured personal loans.


And negatives?

And negatives?

We currently have no credit solutions for negatives. For this reason, when a negative user places an order on the site, it is not pre-approved and thus does not arrive at the document submission stage.


What happens to submitted documents?

Documentation submitted by approved users is used for credit analysis. Do not worry! It will only be used for the purpose proposed in our site terms of use. Whenever you have questions, you can check it out.


I have a clean name but I couldn’t get a loan

The CPF situation is not the only factor considered in credit analysis. Therefore, even if a person is not negative, their request may be denied for a number of other reasons.


I was pre-approved but didn’t submit my documents

If pre-approved user documents are not submitted within the specified time period, the proposal will expire. If the customer still wants a loan, then they will need to place a new order with their updated information and then go through the pre-review.


I already have a loan at MoneyCo, can I get another one?

Having already been approved by MoneyCo before does not guarantee that you will get a new loan. This is because each order is re-analyzed for the customer profile.


I already have a loan at another institution, can I apply for a loan from MoneyCo?

I already have a loan at another institution, can I apply for a loan from MoneyCo?

You can apply for a loan at MoneyCo even if you have already taken credit with another institution. However, order approval will depend on credit analysis.


How much can I borrow?

In MoneyCo it is possible to take a personal loans with values ​​between R $ 2,500 and R $ 50 thousand. The approved amount for each customer varies by credit analysis.


How soon can I pay?

How much can I borrow?

It is possible to make a contract with payment of 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 installments.


What is the interest rate?

MoneyCo’s interest rate starts at 2.79% per month. However, we always suggest that clients use CET (Total Effective Cost) when making a personal credit application, financing, or any type of loan. CET considers all costs of that credit operation and some institutions charge fees. Looking at CET you can know exactly which one has the best offer.

At MoneyCo the CET starts at 3.02% per month.


Is MoneyCo peer-to-peer?

In Brazil, peer-to-peer lending is not yet possible. For this reason, only in this country does the company act as BMG’s bank correspondent.

Still, have questions about getting a loan at MoneyCo? Leave us comments that we will answer!