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The initiative for international justice for the Kurds, in order to remove the name of the PKK from the “list of terrorist organizations”, launched a campaign on January 13, notably for the European Commission.

From 30 countries, more than a thousand parliamentarians, academics, filmmakers, party leaders and writers took part in the campaign.

Signatures are collected in Europe and Latin America and through the Justice for the Kurds page. The campaign’s demands have also been published in some European newspapers.

A member of the Presidium of the Kurdistan National Congress, Nilufer Koç said this year’s campaign is active and that due to the resistance it has shown it has prompted some countries to consider removing the PKK from the list. terrorist organizations..

Nilufer Koç confirmed that the campaign is an important breakthrough, affected by the current circumstances. She said the latest campaign has witnessed new developments. She called for the solitary confinement to be lifted and declared: The prohibition and the regulation are used as the sword of Damocles against the people. The concept of terrorism is exploited as a means of suppressing individual opinions, especially progressive peoples and parties. Our campaign exposes all of these policies. There is no clear definition of terrorism legally or politically. It is understandable that the state exploits this concept to achieve certain political objectives. The pressure of the pro-Turkish state of Germany against the PKK, which has continued since 1985, has been contested by the people, shows that the real terrorism is the Erdogan regime. As a result of the continued struggle of the Kurdish people, the true face of the Turkish state has been revealed. The signing campaign made everyone understand what the demand of the Kurds, the Apo leader and the PKK was .

The process to break the ban began in 2014

Nilufer Koç reports that the issue of lifting the PKK ban in 2014 has been discussed not only by democratic left circles, but also by many liberal conservative groups. She said: “The fierceness of the PKK against ISIS has made known to the world that the PKK is a trustworthy force. ideas of ecological and democratic women’s freedom from the leader of Rojava drew everyone’s attention to the PKK. “

Nilufer Koç confirmed that among the signatories are many parliamentarians, councilors, municipalities, European intellectuals, feminists, climate movements, youth movements, trade unionists, artists and many political and social figures. She noted that the profile of the 1,003 signatories shows that the fear and terror that the state wants to impose on the people have been overcome. This membership confirms the transcendence of intolerance towards the PKK and therefore there is no longer any existence or reason to fear.

Nilufer went on to say: The campaign will expand into 2022, because in the 21st century, solutions to the conflicts and crises of the current era can be found in PKK-ruled Kurdistan. In order to keep the PKK on the list, no country has ever had a legal argument. In 1993, Germany, in 1997 the United States of America and in 2002 the European Union never had any arguments on human rights. Because terrorism has no benchmark definition, neither legal nor political. As states exploit the concept of terrorism to suppress the movements of the social center and thwart their solidarity together. The ban and the list exist primarily to serve political purposes. The Kurdish question, which the PKK seeks to resolve in the first place, is a political problem.

Nilufer Koç indicated that he exercises against the Kurds a policy of denial through the Sykes-Picot Agreement and was supplemented by the Lausanne Agreement. She said: Europe has marginalized the Kurds, making Kurdistan an unhealed wound for the Middle East. The Palestinian question has also been treated in this way. They paved the way for massacres against the Kurds and left the Kurds homeless. The PKK was born from these practices against the Kurds.

The stage of the inclusion of the PKK in the “list of terrorist organizations”

Nilufer Koç explained that on August 15, the PKK launched an armed resistance following the Turkish state’s military violations. This move awakened the Kurds from their inattention.

Nilufer Koç also made it clear that the Turkish state was in trouble because of this resistance and asked for NATO support. He reported that Germany in 1985 through the Düsseldorf business in 1986 began to criminalize the PKK. Nilufer Koç said: “Although she knows she supports the oppressed, the murder is also the basis of the Düsseldorf trial. Germany was unable to achieve its goals through the Düsseldorf business. It could not confront the mass of the PKK either, either inside or outside its borders. The rebellions that started in 1990 in Southern and Northern Kurdistan gave way to the ban on Germany in 1993. In 1990, the PKK crossed the borders of Northern Kurdistan and increased its activity in Kurdistan by East and South. During this stage, there were broad PKK memberships in Rojava. The PKK’s struggle has spread internationally and in the Middle East. In 1997, the United States regarded the activity of the PKK as a danger and responded to calls from the Turkish state and placed the PKK on the “list of terrorist organizations”. But the most important thing here is that the PKK changed its strategies at its seventh conference on January 23, 2000. Where it decided to prioritize the political struggle. This strategic step opened big doors for the PKK internationally.

Nilufer said there are countries on the verge of attempting to remove the PKK’s name from the list, after numerous facts came to light which proved that some of the terrorism charges against the PKK were unsuccessful. not true. PKK. The case was retried by DMME. The Luxembourg and Belgian courts have reviewed the regulation and the ban. However, countries continue to support the Turkish state. However, Erdogan and his fascist government violate international rights. As the Turkish state exploits terrorist organizations such as ISIS to implement its expansionist plans, this leads to serious foreign policy problems.

The world sees the PKK as a solution force

The United States of America and the European Union consider ISIS to be a terrorist organization. The Turkish state is the source of insecurity and the spread of violence and conflict.

Erdogan practices politics on the basis of religious, sexual and national intolerance. In the face of this, the PKK’s struggle works to combat racism and consolidate participation and equality between peoples. Achieve women’s freedom and spread democracy. Respect and equality for all religions is sanctified without favoring one religion or belief over another. Therefore, the PKK is the solution and the Turkish state is the problem. The power of the PKK to resolve and resolve conflicts arose with the Rojava revolution and spread to the whole world. Global sympathy for the PKK is growing and pressure countries in its favor.

Countries confirmed that they could no longer continue with their previous approach

Nilufer Koç indicated that the countries of which the Turkish state is an ally, notably the United States of America and the European Union, are his allies. These countries which ignore the massacres committed by the Turkish state and support it and ignore the illegal arrest of more than 5,000 Kurdish politicians. and the use of chemical weapons. It cannot undermine the resolve of the Kurds and push back their resistance under the leadership of the PKK.

Nilufer Koç said that despite the torture suffered by the leader for 22 years, the Turkish state has not been able to undermine him and break his will and that of his people. And she continued: “The purpose of the isolation applied to Imrali is for the Kurdish people to forget their leader. However, the Kurdish people have been reiterating their demand for the leader’s release on a daily basis for 22 years. The Council of Ministers, which is the highest body of the European Union, has issued a decision to modify the decision of the life sentence handed down against the leader until September 2022. The countries see and follow without any doubt the continued resistance of the people, the guerrillas and the leader, and they note that it is time to change their view of the PKK.

Turkish state will not be able to hide its fascist face by imposing a ban on the PKK

Nilufer Koç mentioned the report released in June this year by all parties in the UK Parliament on the Kurdish issue and said: The report proves that Turkey by imposing the PKK ban destroys freedom and democracy, this ban should therefore be lifted. This opinion has been repeated this year several times in Parliament The European Union, the European Union and the United States Meeting on Human Rights. This report shows that Turkey can no longer hide its fascism by banning the PKK.

Nilufer stressed that a political solution to the Kurdish question must be found, and because the key to the solution is in the hands of the leader and the PKK, the PKK ban must be lifted.



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