New dot-matrix decal sets the tone for promotional campaigns

decal launched the new dot matrix for digital printing professionals to get ahead in promotional campaigns. Experience monomer vinyl with an innovative adhesive that makes it easy to remove wrinkles and air bubbles in interior applications, all while keeping the environment in mind.

decal launched this product for digital printing professionals to anticipate and set the tone for promotional campaigns.

This self-adhesive branded product from Digidelta stands out for its ease of application, which requires no support material and can be carried out by less experienced employees or by customers themselves. It offers a complete solution that saves both human resources and logistics.

The new decal dot matrix makes visual communication more versatile in public and commercial spaces with the ability to reposition materials within hours of immediate application. After the campaign, the removal of the vinyl is done quickly without leaving any residue.

Matte white and gloss clear finishes make this monomer vinyl ideal for mirrored applications. It has eco-assurance with the durability of the water-based adhesive and PE liner, which eliminates vinyl curling and reduces waste.

decal reinforces this launch with the offer of advantageous conditions (link: for purchases made online.

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