Murdo Fraser: Scottish Greens hit back at Tory MSP’s Confederate flag tweet

THE Scottish Greens have denounced Murdo Fraser’s ‘nasty and pathetic’ attack on the party.

The Tory MSP faced backlash after tweeting a low-res image of the Confederate flag with the caption ‘Scottish Greens unveil new logo’.

The Mid Scotland and Fife politician was responding to Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer’s comments on pensions.

Greer brought up the American Civil War on a podcast while discussing the nature of pension payments.

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Responding to Fraser’s comments, the Scottish Greens said no MSP should ‘normalize the use of such an odious flag’.

Fraser was told that his use of the flag had “no place in our politics”.

A spokesman for the Scottish Greens told The National: “This is a nasty and pathetic tweet from Murdo Fraser. The Confederate flag represents appalling racism and suffering.

“It has no place in our politics and neither does this kind of tweeting. All MSPs have a responsibility to ensure positive and civil debate, and should never normalize the use of such an odious flag.”

Greer said it made “no sense” to compare the Scottish independence debate to war.

The Scottish Green MSP told the Untribal Podcast: “There is a really interesting example when it comes to pensions, though.

“And in no way, I should stress, am I comparing our independence debate with the American Civil War, but I think it’s an interesting example of how pensions can do strange things.

“The Confederacy lost and was destroyed in 1865. The last widower’s pension for a Confederate service personnel was paid in 2012.

“So the Union government, the United States government that won the American Civil War, paid the pensions of Confederate soldiers who had been on the losing side of the war, whose states had been destroyed.

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“The winning side continued to pay those pensions, and because those were the pensions that then passed on to those people’s successors, they were paid long after the lives of anyone who had been there during the American Civil War.”

Fraser also faced backlash over the remarks online, with one person responding to the tweet writing, “Shocking that an MSP tweeted this given the use of this flag by white supremacists and it’s the rectangular version used in civil rights protests and the last years of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol, rather than the historic square battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Another user tagged Speaker of the Scottish Parliament, Alison Johnstone, saying: “Hi @POScotParl, I wish to file a complaint in the strongest possible terms against MSP Murdo Fraser. I’m not a member of the Scottish Green Party, but in my humble opinion he crossed a very serious political line with this tweet.

The tweet remains on the MSP account.

Fraser and the Scottish Conservatives have been approached for comment.

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