Lorna Bogue on new eco-socialist party An Rabharta Glas: ‘Our goal is to transform the state’

One of the founders of a new left-wing environmental political party says he wants to transform the Irish state to “achieve the conditions for eco-socialism”.

An Rabharta Glas – which translates to the green tidal wave – was founded by several former Green Party members who left after the party joined the coalition government last year.

The new party currently has two sitting councilors – Lorna Bogue from Cork City Council and Liam Sinclair from South Dublin County Council.

At The Pat Kenny ShowBug advisor – who left the Greens in October – said the new party has a “very specific goal”.

She says: “[We want] really transform the state and the institutions of the state, so that we can create the conditions for ecosocialism.

“What we are looking for is going to piss everyone off, right and left: we carry with us an agenda for reform… which is different, I suppose, and difficult to explain something so different in an Irish context. .”

the Irish Independent recently reported that “read the works of Karl Marx” was one of the suggestions for members of the new party.

Councilor Bogue explained, “From my own background…I have a master’s degree in economics. When I was told about influential economists, two of the most influential were Marx and [John Maynard] Keynes.

“[Ireland has] leans more towards neo-liberalism, where the state develops in the service of markets.

“Marx was writing in the 18th century… what we’re looking for is a transition and going beyond the economy we have right now, because that doesn’t work for any of us: in terms of issues like housing and health, but especially when it comes to the climate crisis.

The new party said it would gladly work in coalitions as a smaller party, despite issues some members have with their old party’s current approach.

Cllr Bogue says one of his problems with the Green Party was that they “didn’t necessarily have a plan” for what would happen when they entered government.

She observed: “The ideology was…people would realize that being green was so nice and good that everyone would naturally turn green, and all you need is to have people in the right positions. “

An Rabharta Glas believes a ‘just transition’ – bringing everyone with the move to a carbon-free economy – is vital, and Cllr Bogue said there was very little mention of such an approach in the draft government environmental law.

In the meantime, they also believe that the state must “intervene” in the economy and the market to break down “vested interests” in the country.

In terms of policies around agriculture, for example, they want state support for sustainable peasant agriculture, as well as the decorporation and decarbonization of agribusiness.

Main image: Lorna Bogue. Image via An Rabharta Glas

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