Lib Dems Supported Benefits Sanctions To Earn 5p Carry Bag Fee


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From The Socialist, May 2, 2018

Tory David Cameron and Lib Dem Nick Clegg worked together on the Austerity Wrecking Ball, Suz cartoon (Click to enlarge)

A Lib Dem fanatic claimed responsibility for the plastic bag charge – saying it was enough to accept more attacks on welfare.

Polly Mackenzie was policy director for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg under the Conservative-Liberal coalition government. April 19, she told twitter:

“It’s so cool now to ban plastic, it’s the government’s go-to policy for spreading the news of a bad story. It’s worth reflecting on how far we’ve come in the past four years…

“The Lib Dem ministers started demanding a 5p charge on plastic bags. It took us months to persuade Cameron and Osborne.

“We finally got the policy in a conference eve exchange, in exchange for tougher sanctions on benefits.”

Polly Mackenzie is ... proud to have been charged with plastic bag while attacking benefit claimants?

Polly Mackenzie is … proud to have been charged with plastic bag while attacking benefit claimants? (Click to enlarge)


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