Kornelia Ninova remains at the head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party – Novinite.com

Kornelia Ninova remains the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party after the party congress rejected it resignation in a closed discussion and a vote with 415 votes against, 164 for and 20 abstentions.

Discussions and voting on Kornelia Ninovait is resignation, closed to the media, were preceded by two-hour speeches by delegates. They were almost entirely in favor of the leader of the Socialist party, which announced in November that it wanted to resign and confirmed it in words on Saturday January 22.

Some of Ninova’s admirers mentioned her by name, others followed her lead by mentioning BSPhis participation in the governance of the country as a success for the party leadership. “Only with this leader can we continue what we have started to show that strong people, strong leaders emerge in difficult times,” said Veska Nencheva, who is also a current member of the BSP for the Bulgarian parliamentary group.

“The party needs calm. We need to allow leadership to work in a caring environment. I appeal to the delegates for common sense and the support of the leadership and comrade Ninovasaid Kamen Todorov, chairman of the BSP in Haskovo.

In total, only four party members spoke out against Kornelia Ninova. Krum Zarkov, who announced that he was ready to run for a new BSP chef, made the strongest impression. “Are you sleeping? Are you intoxicated enough by what’s been going on since this morning? Anton Kutev (former interim government spokesman appointed by Rumen Radev) and MEP Petar Vitanov spoke out in favor of Zarkov and the election of a new BSP leader.

Valery Zhablyanov, who left the BSP parliamentary group for Bulgaria during the last GERB government, said that despite being part of the ruling majority, the Socialist The party was unable to determine government policy because the Ministry of Finance was not headed by a BSP man. “If it was a question of who distributes the most money, Boyko Borissov would have been in power”, Zhablianov said, addressing Ninova and the financial benefits she listed, which were provided to the people, as BSP was part of the government.


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