Korean artist Sisley-L active for world peace and environmental campaigns

Artist Sisley-L

Korean artist Sisley-L has been designing and painting artwork for 16 years. Using art as a platform, she supports world peace initiatives and explores the NFT space.

To date, she has opened exhibitions around the world, including New York, Hawaii, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

One of his highlights has been exhibiting works of art as part of the START projects, organized by the London Saatchi Gallery, which has represented some of the most influential artists in contemporary art. Christie’s, a famous auction house, sponsored an event at the Saatchi Gallery where Sisley-L’s art was sold for charity. Prestigious artists, including Damien Hirst, often exhibit their work at the London gallery.

After exhibiting his pieces at the Saatchi Gallery event, Sisley-L gained worldwide popularity.

His current plan is to paint a portrait of the Hawaiian royal family for display at Honolulu City Hall.

In 2020, Sisley-L organized an art exhibition in Honolulu, Hawaii, which was called “International Art Exchange Exhibition for Peace”. This is an internationally acclaimed art exhibit that was awarded a certificate and plaque of appreciation for its work by Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell and the Honolulu, Hawaii City Council. Sisley-L participated as an artist and director of the event, sharing the global works of artists from different countries to promote world peace.

She visits Las Vegas and Los Angeles to partner with art practitioners to curate future art shows and exhibits that have been suspended due to COVID-19. Currently, she visits the LA Art Show and interacts with many artists to revamp the International Art Exchange Exhibition for Peace.

Sisley-L’s ‘Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth’, which was due to be unveiled at Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday party in May 2020 last year, is currently on display at the British Embassy in Seoul . A future date to present the artwork is postponed.

It also prepares exhibitions and campaigns on world peace and the environment.

She has been drawing on the theme of bees since 2015 and is preparing an exhibition and campaign to celebrate World Bee Day on May 20, 2022. She said she will donate all proceeds from the exhibition and campaign on this day. there to save the bees.

World Bee Day was designated by the United Nations in 2017 to promote the value of honey bees, which play an important role in protecting the ecosystem.

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