It was what. What will be. Election campaigns and other sensitivities

As always, Hal Faber’s news wants to focus on the details: Sunday news is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is both a retrospective and a preview.

*** About calm: as it is now, Olaf Scholz will be the next Federal Chancellor, international law specialist Annalena Baerbock Minister of Foreign Affairs and programmer Saskia Esken will set up the new digital ministry. The interesting question is who will run the Home Office, who will be the sovereign of the State of Troy and who will design the “Visa on Arrival” that Germany, the country of immigration, needs, and not just since the Kabul disaster. . Either way, Horst Seehofer will not be in the next federal government, his time is up. Behind a paywall is a elementswho wonders about the “300,000 to 5 million” Afghan refugees who, according to Seehofer’s statements in the Interior Committee, were heading for Europe. Without a paid wall, you can join Werner Schiffbauer read how the local staff debacle happened. The article has some pretty quotes: “The Minister of the Interior, and not the Minister of Foreign Affairs, bears the negative consequences of the visa waiver. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such concerns are seen as petty, while in the Ministry of the Interior, the attitude of a Minister of Foreign Affairs is seen as reckless and reckless.This is the conclusion of the former Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière. A head of unit of Department M of the Ministry of the Interior, which coordinates visa policy, writes it even more clearly: “The law on foreigners is in itself a decision of value for a certain regulatory structure”, writes Hans-Georg Maaßen in his thesis. The sovereign determines the status of foreigner, he defines the significant other, in whom the greatest threat to public order is seen in each case.

*** And otherwise ? In a sort of assessment of the work of the abdicating federal government, Federal Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze from daily news Declared perhaps the most successful minister in the Merkel cabinet. It is justified with the introduction of CO2Price and climate protection law, than all other CO2– Prescribes savings targets which were tightened again shortly before the end of the Merkel era. Svenja Schulze has now sparked talks with a new campaign. Your eminent on the Ministry scan page Quiet phrase “If we continue digitization without change, it will accelerate the fire of ecological and social crises on our planet.” We need a trend reversal ”, some worry the nerds for outrage and was dismissed as typical uncharted territory. But whoever followed the link in the sentence ended up with the Digital product pass announcement for batteries of electric vehicles. The idea of ​​creating a data record “that summarizes components, materials and chemicals or information on the repairability, spare parts or proper disposal of a product” is not so bad. In addition to batteries in vehicles, this also applies to smartphones and other IT equipment. By the way: in fact, the very knowledgeable Svenja Schulze put a sentence on her website that is really absurd: “Environmental protection has to be embedded in every algorithm. Yes, do it then. Abraham Lempel and Jakob Ziv’s LZ77 algorithm, to whom we owe our pretty little zip files, isn’t it a bit of environmental protection?

*** When voting, computers play an important role. This applies not only to masses of Sunday question calculators or high-end computers, which like to miscalculate, but also to campaign sniffing apps that collect all kinds of data. The Internet has also played an important role since 1992, when Brewster Kahle and Thinking Machines launched the Wide Area Information Server (WAIS) for the Election Campaign. Ross Perot to work. It’s worth it Video interview with Brewster Kahle to see, because at the time, the dream of an electronic democracy was dreamed without constantly talking about digitization as it is the case today. WAIS was visionary, but not decisive for the election: Perot retired from the race in the summer of 1992, only to return in October. It cost him a lot of votes. Outrageous Cambridge Analytica then spoke about experiences with WAIS, which had helped Trump’s election campaign a lot and also played a role in Britain’s Brexit decision. This brings us to another protected paywall Article with the joker Martin Sonneborn party. The humor-plagued troupe received a public relations offer from London-based New Century Media to pretzel the election campaign for 850,000 euros so that the PARTY crosses the 5% hurdle. The first flaw appears quickly: the PARTY should, according to the proposals of the PR consultants, turn into a kind of AfD light. The second mistake came after journalist Peter Kreysler’s research: Century New Media had a number of employees who also worked at Cambridge Analytica until the company went bankrupt. The reasons why they wanted to dissuade the PARTY from their satirical approach remain to be clarified. But the course will be maintained, specifies Sonneborn in an interview: “We pursue politics out of honest indignation. Satire is always self-defense: it seeks liberation through laughter.

*** laugh, laugh, ruminate, ruminate, moan! Yes, there is something in front of us that we can only do with a few Erikativen can answer. The best part is that they can’t be gendered, those cute words like clickeradoms and gazong. At most with Trunk cord one could imagine a cordus and the different strings. Mickey Mouse magazine turns 70, it shows Happy, clap, moan securities. Because the world of Mickey Mouse has also changed, as the columnist notes: “Ducks, noses and mice now run with smartphones, work on laptops and surf the Duck. They read something on Duckipedia and watch videos on Dutube. “

*** 70 years of Mickey Mouse magazine, 80 years of Charlie Watts. There are many videos on Youtube that feature Watts, but few are as revealing as this. Interview with Ed Bradley in which Watts says, “Class is real, not fake. He came from below and knew what the class struggle was. Maybe it takes some British humor to pay homage to this man like the writer AL Kennedy did: “Now we live in a country where 80 year olds like Charlie Watts are considered superfluous. Like everyone over 50, all non-whites or EU citizens, all those who try not to drown while crossing the Channel, all those the drowned man wants to save, all those who ask for the asylum and not accompanied by a truck full of cute dogs. But Charlie was not redundant, no one is redundant. And the people who decide who dies are not experts. They don’t do anything for love. They wouldn’t recognize magnanimity, and if he bites their butt, maybe he does. I imagine Magnanimity is as fed up as we are. Charlie was the opposite of it all. “ Yes we have to Nandi Give consolation.

While in beautiful Hanover, the Experimentierräume should have another chance, from Monday we will relentlessly measure the unexplored territory of Hanover and infect our children in schools. This is called the future and not inoculated. Anyone who thinks this is a stupid argument does not know the arguments that are used by side thinkers today about animal dewormer. Ivermeticin is talking.

Is next Tuesday a public holiday? Unfortunately no, but he would have what it takes. Anyone who hears the pathetic whisper of federal election campaign candidates is that 2015 must not be repeated, may remember that on August 31, German Chancellor Angela Merkel uttered the phrase We did it pronounced it and thus inscribed itself in the history books. While the Kabul disaster hails the record of Merkel’s government, this little encouragement must remain in collective memory when the government in “insult and shame” resigns. Well, it won’t be that hard. And if there’s too much fury like I said it helps Cold clear water.


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