Germany: Greens agree to start talks on forming a government with SPD and FDP

The “small” Green Congress today paved the way for the opening of formal negotiations for the formation of a coalition government with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Free Democrats (FDP), approving a large majority of the text of the principles. reached by exploratory conversations.

Greens director Michael Kellner asked the 99 delegates to give management approval, stressing that the exploratory negotiations are by no means negotiations to form a government and, therefore, all the details of a deal-making deal. program have not yet been discussed. . “Now let’s properly connect the traffic lights so that they can stay on for the next four years,” he said, referring to the tripartite coalition, also known as the SPD, Greens and Greens coalition. FDP. In the end, out of the 70 valid votes, only two were negative and there was one abstention.

“It just occurred to us then. We have reached an era of hope,” said Greens co-chair Robert Habek, adding that “we are entering a new phase in green history. , in which we will have the opportunity to shape reality. “‘The Scoping Text’ describes a clear reform agenda, which represents clear progress in important areas,” he said.

Co-Chair and Chancellor Angela Burbock also said that “if we are really going to change anything, we need decisions that will accompany us over the next decade” and described the years to come as the period in which we will put Germany on its way 1, 5, XNUMX degrees ”, referring to the goal of climate neutrality. “A truly progressive government must not only document climate neutrality in an exploratory contacts document, but also support it by all means,” he added.

The relevant bodies of the FDP are expected to give their approval for the start of formal negotiations tomorrow, while in the SPD, the decision is taken only by the party presidency. In the meantime, the debate on the distribution of ministries between the three parties seems to have opened. FDP vice-chairman Wolfgang Kubicki said today that if the “traffic light” finally becomes a government, its leader, Christian Lindner, would be ideal for the finance ministry. “Anyone who doubts that all of this will succeed, funding the program without tax increases and new debt, must want Christian Lindner to become finance minister, in order to accept that it is possible.” “Otherwise, the FDP will be exposed,” Koumpiki told NDR.

Source: RES-EAP

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