Floods: Suspend campaigns, Peter Obi tells Tinubu, Atiku others

Amid the current devastating floods in several states in Nigeria, Peter Obi, the Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate for the 2023 general election, has called on political parties to suspend their campaigns, saying there should be concerted efforts within the political class to verify the floods.

In a Tweet on Wednesday, Obi said he was pausing his presidential campaign to draw attention to the devastating floods, noting that if candidates from all political parties could buy expensive presidential forms, they should be able to take action to help. flood victims.

“I personally stopped and said to my people: No more campaigning until we are able to visit some of the flooded sites…I call on other presidential candidates to stop as well. If we can buy forms for millions of naira, we should be able to do something,” Obi said.

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Reports said the death toll from the floods, the worst Nigeria has seen in a decade, has exceeded 600, the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry tweeted on Sunday.
The ministry said more than 2 million people have been affected by the floods that have spread across Nigeria’s southern states.

More than 200,000 houses were completely or partially damaged.

The Management Agency had warned of catastrophic flooding for states along the courses of the Niger and Benue rivers, noting that three of Nigeria’s overfilled reservoirs were expected to overflow. NEMA said the discharge of excess water from a dam in neighboring Cameroon contributed to the flooding.

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