Ex-President Hollande says left-wing alliance could ‘kill’ Socialist Party – EURACTIV.com

An alliance between France’s left-wing parties ahead of legislative elections could lead to the demise of the Socialist Party, former Socialist leader and former President Francois Hollande has warned.

The Socialist Party, formerly a French political powerhouse, has seen its support dwindle in the last two presidential elections. After securing a meager 6.36% of the vote in 2017, the party secured a record 1.75% in the first round of the presidential election this year.

Ahead of the upcoming legislative elections in June, the party leadership is considering an alliance with the radical left-wing movement La France Insoumise, whose leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon came third with almost 22% in the first round of the election. presidential.

The party’s first secretary, Olivier Faure, urged those who disagreed with the decision to leave the party.

But an agreement between the pro-European centre-left party and the radical left movement is “unacceptable”, Hollande said on Thursday (April 28th), adding that the conclusion of an agreement between the Socialist Party and the radical left means that he “will have decided to disappear”. Mélenchon’s movement is very critical of the EU and calls for “disobeying” certain European rules.

As an alternative, the former president believes that “another union”, with ecologists and communists, is possible because the “rebellious (movement of Mélenchon) do not want to make room for their partners”.

“Whatever happens, the Socialist Party will have to be refounded”, he also declared, acknowledging the very delicate situation which the political formation is now facing.

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