Earth Day 2022: eco-responsible campaigns that broke world records

Today marks Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22 in more than 175 countries. Earth Day helps inspire and remind people around the world to help protect the ecosystem and raise awareness for sustainability.

This year’s theme is “Nature in the Race to Zero”, focusing on how nature-based solutions can help cut needed greenhouse gas emissions by a third by 2030.

To celebrate, Guinness World Records has compiled a list of record-breaking campaigns undertaken by companies to help protect the ecosystem and raise awareness of earth-saving alternatives.



The largest drinking straw sculpture (support)

Kicking off with a project that drew attention to plastic pollution and highlighted the need for greener alternatives.

Canadian artist Von Wong has created a huge plastic sculpture made from salvaged plastic straws to break the record for tallest drinking straw sculpture (supported) in Ho Chi Minh City on January 22, 2019.

The sculpture itself is 3.3 m (10 ft 9 in) high, 8 m (36 ft 2 in) long and 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in) wide.

With the help of Starbucks, which collected used straws from several of its branches for six months.


The installation, which took the form of a wave, is an important reminder of how much plastic ends up in our oceans and to say no to single-use plastics where we can.



First airplane driven by synthetic fuel

Finding a more suitable solution for fossil fuels is one of the main challenges in order to be able to reach zero carbon footprint.

The RAF has partnered with Zero Petroleum to set the record for first airplane flown by synthetic fuel.


An Ikarus C42 aircraft was piloted by Group Captain Peter Hackett and made the short flight in the Cotswolds in November.

Zero Petroleum’s UL91 synthetic fuel is made by extracting hydrogen from water and carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Using energy generated from renewable sources like the wind or the sun, these are then combined to create the synthetic fuel.

Defense Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin said of the theft; “This is a world-first innovation. It shows the determination of the UK Armed Forces to advance creative ideas on Net Zero while meeting operational commitments.”

Ultimately, the RAF aims to have its first Net Zero air base by 2025 and a Net Zero force by 2040.

Highest voltage of a fruit battery

Reducing carbon energy and combating the effects of the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time and batteries play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) led by battery expert Professor Saiful Islam tried to find an alternative. The team used 2,923 lemons to generate an astonishing 2,307.8 volts breaking the record of highest voltage of a fruit battery on October 15, 2021.

The electrifying feat was designed to highlight the importance of energy storage and the need to innovate in order to achieve a zero-carbon world.

RCS and his team assemble a fruit battery

According to research by the RSC, 81% of young people in the UK think climate change should be taught in schools, and 74% are actively looking for ways to tackle it.

the largest insect hotel in the world

The largest insect hotel

When we talk about greener alternatives for the climate, we cannot forget the ecosystem itself – including animals!

Highland Titles, a Scotland-based nature reserve with a passion for conserving, preserving and restoring the Scottish landscape has come together to build the largest insect hotel measuring 199.9 cubic meters in Duror, Scotland on March 28, 2022.

A bug hotel, also called a bug hotel or bug house, is a man-made structure created to provide shelter for insects.

Construction began in September 2021, taking approximately 6 months to complete with a core team of four, with the hotel constructed from cut down sitka spruce from the nature reserve, masonry bricks, cane bamboo, wood chips, forest bark and other natural resources.

Highland tiles get gwr certificate

“This record initiative is about the environmental message,” said Douglas Wilson, CEO of Highland Titles.

“We purchased this land in 2006 when it was an underperforming commercial forestry plantation of non-native Sitka spruce.”

volunteers pick up trash in the ocean

Most participants in an underwater cleanup

To celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, Discovery Taiwan held a massive ocean clean-up day, breaking the record for most participants in an underwater cleanup in 12 hours with 558 participants on August 15, 2020.

This attempt was organized to raise awareness of the importance of reducing plastic waste in life and also to call on the public to get involved in cleaning up the seabed and beaches. The campaign was called “Start with one thing”.

volunteers with garbage taken from the ocean

The biggest vegan burger

It is well known that meat consumption is responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions and as such the need for meatless alternatives is growing.

Food producer Finnebrogue Artisan took up the challenge by creating the biggest vegan burger on November 18, 2021 at their Downpatrick, County Down site.

The record-breaking galette took almost nine hours to cook and weighed a total of 162.5 kg. All burger ingredients were certified vegan.

Finnebrogue’s record-breaking patty is equivalent to 1,274 “Naked Evolution Burgers” loaded with condiments and toppings.

While we know there is still work to be done, we hope these incredible recordings have inspired you to think about other ways to help the planet and find greener alternatives to preserve the Earth we call home. we.

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