Celebrating diversity for World Ranger Day

The International Ranger Federation founded World Ranger Day in 2007. Celebrated internationally on July 31, it celebrates the great work done by Rangers and commemorates Rangers injured or killed in the line of duty.

Rangers play a vital role in protecting our planet’s natural treasures, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

Parks Victoria is the largest employer of Rangers in the state. We are proud to be part of an international network, collaborating with other organizations to safeguard over 100,000 reserves, parks and protected areas around the world!

In these precious places, Rangers are on the front line of conservation. They monitor ecological conditions, drive biodiversity management and protect sites of global significance.

Left to right: Parks Victoria Rangers Hsar, Ellen and Jessica.

World Ranger Day Theme for 2022: Diversity

Diversity enriches our organization – Parks Victoria Rangers come from all walks of life. Not only do they support and serve diverse communities and visitors, but our Rangers also care for a wide variety of plants, animals and landscapes.

The complex problems our Rangers face can be solved with the unique skills, insights and experiences they bring to the job every day.

Parks Victoria Ranger Andy Davies is passionate about the global Ranger community, who are united by their work to protect and preserve all aspects of wilderness, historic and cultural sites.

In nearly 30 years of working and volunteering in the management of protected areas, Andy has spent 18 years working with First Nations people in northern Australia, accompanied royalty on a private visit to the park Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and worked with crocodile management in Kakadu National Park. .

Andy’s career has been a frantic ride shaped by his desire to fly planes, walk the bush, and connect people with parks for recreation – all while protecting special places.
Currently District Manager, South Gippsland at Parks Victoria, Andy’s most recent honor is being elected Director and Company Secretary International Ranger Federation in 2019.

Working with and leading many teams of diverse colleagues, he is proud of the diversity of people, communities and landscapes to which he has contributed.

Ranger Andy Davies at the 9th World Ranger Congress, Nepal 2019.
The event takes place every three years, organized by the International Ranger Federation.

Celebrate World Ranger Day with us by:

  • Support the critical work of all Rangers – donate to the Thin green line.
  • A pause to think of the Rangers around the world who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect biodiversity. View the 2022 Honor Roll.
  • Spread the word and raise awareness via social media. Visit this Victoria Parks LinkedIn Post to enjoy our World Ranger Day 2022 video, featuring our very own Rangers in some of the amazing and diverse places they protect.

Today, on World Ranger Day, we thank our Rangers, and Rangers around the world, for their indispensable work and their value to life on earth.

“Protected areas are the legacy of people who, yesterday, last year and the last century, worked with passion to ensure that special places like this are there for you to enjoy today. .”

This dedication and sacrifice plaque was unveiled at the 2003 4th World Ranger Congress at Wilsons Promontory National Park, Pillar Point. Over 200 rangers from 36 countries participated.

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