Biodiversity and ecological solutions at the forefront of the eighth meeting of the Developer Forum – Mansfield District Council

8th Developer Forum Meeting

Developers, council officers and local organizations came together to discuss how Mansfield could benefit from a greener future.

The latest in a series of ongoing developer forums was hosted by Mansfield District Council on August 12 and focused on the district’s environment and infrastructure.

Attendees were invited to review and review the new Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) launched by Severn Trent Water on upcoming developments, engage in wildlife conservation and learn about the biggest change connection in progress under Western Power Distribution.

The goal of the meeting was to merge ideas on how the board and partner organizations can work together, to create open communication channels between developers and the board, and to provide attendees with regular updates on the planning.

General Manager Adam Hill, who opened the forum, said: “This type of event is perfect for networking and sharing ideas and resources – all for the benefit of our residents.

“We can’t do this work alone, so let’s use the skills we have today to develop and capitalize on our current and future projects.”

Developers and organizations including Severn Trent, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Western Power Distribution all told attendees about their aim to make future developments greener, carbon neutral and full of wildlife habitat.

David Thompson, Director of Council Growth, added: “It’s great to hear about some really exciting projects coming up, such as the Severn Trent initiative to make Mansfield greener, and also how this will dramatically change the way which we treat our surface water. This is a truly innovative and Mansfield-specific project in terms of scale, with our first project well underway in Memorial Garden behind the Old Town Hall.

“We also heard about how we will manage Western Power infrastructure which will help facilitate net zero and low carbon connections. All of these initiatives, implemented collaboratively, will bring growth and innovation to the district. »

The council hosts Developers Forum events to review upcoming changes to planning legislation and to update local partners and developers on future work in progress. The forums provide a platform to discuss development opportunities, identify obstacles and consider how to encourage business in Mansfield.

They also aim to improve communication between developers and council, facilitate project delivery and help achieve neighborhood growth plans.

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Published: August 16, 2022

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