Audi campaigns for more diversity and inclusion in business relationships

Everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion (D&I). But what does this mean for the business relationships Audi has, and how can we integrate D&I here? Our general understanding of diversity is that people with different skills and backgrounds come together to work. Not all people are equally represented in (economic) life and they do not have the same opportunities to participate from the outset. This is why we are actively campaigning for more diversity. Our goal is to help diversify our professional environment globally.

We have already taken a number of steps that help us operate in a more diverse and inclusive way. We have been implementing holistic diversity management since 2017, the Audi Group’s international production sites have gradually followed suit since 2019, and sales sites worldwide will follow in the future. Audi is increasingly focusing on creating a common understanding and raising awareness among employees in its own organization. This includes training courses on unconscious bias, toolkits for inclusive leadership and equal opportunity processes, as well as cooperations with external initiatives to promote diversity.

We are now extending this commitment to our business relationships. We want to work more closely with various suppliers in our daily work, for example with social enterprises and minority-owned businesses (MOBs). Together with our suppliers, we aim to demonstrate that diversity and inclusion are important aspects that can be leveraged in our journey towards a successful and more sustainable cooperation.

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