125 digital campaigns honored with a digital marketing award

Some 125 digital campaigns were honored yesterday as the winners of the Fifth Digital Marketing Prize for Digital Works in Bangladesh.

An initiative of the Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), the Digital Marketing Award 2021 was presented by Meghna Group of Industries at an event at Le Méridien Dhaka on Saturday, according to a statement.

The winners were selected from 18 categories spread over four ranks. There have been 15 Gold, 46 Silver and 64 Bronze medal recipients, and there have been no Grand Prix recipients this year.

Over 1,000 entries were submitted for the award. Of these, 474 campaigns were shortlisted by nine juries and 125 were selected as the ultimate winners by nine sessions of the distinction’s grand jury.

“In the age of the dual existence of digital and physical dimensions, we need to activate our human emotions more and to usher in the next era of innovation and possibilities, our digital strategies need to be aligned,” said Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Director by BBF.

The award was preceded by the Eighth Digital Summit. Launched in 2014 by the Bangladesh Brand Forum, the Digital Summit is the umbrella platform for digital marketers in the country.

This year’s summit brought together over 400 professionals. The theme of the summit was “Digital strategy for the test of the future”.

The aim of the summit was to disseminate knowledge of improved acquisition methods and smart marketing and, in an ever-changing market, how they can sustain their strategies in an ever-changing market.

The summit consisted of 6 main sessions, 4 panel discussions, 3 insight sessions, 2 case studies, and speakers from different parts of the world shared their knowledge.

Next to it, there were notable local experts who discussed several topics.

Shariful Islam, Founder and Director of BBF, urged all companies that offer digital strategies for their clients to mainstream the lens of the people, the community and Bangladesh as a whole.

“If all of these things don’t grow simultaneously, businesses can’t grow in a sustainable way. “

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